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Trees for Life has launched an appeal to raise £22,000 to ensure a better future for red squirrels

Trees for Life has launched an appeal to raise £22,000 to ensure a better future for red squirrels in the Highlands of Scotland. The Reds Return appeal will enable the reintroduction of red squirrels in up to eight woodlands in the north-west Highlands, where new populations will be able to flourish, safe from competition and […]

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Legs4Africa is always delighted to receive unused prosthetic legs

UK based artist, My Dog Sighs, has ben applying his unique concepts of using reclaimed objects and materials to an interesting medium. In collaboration with the Bristol based amputee charity, Legs4Africa, the artist from Hampshire has used a donated prosthetic leg as a canvas. The prosthetic leg, after internal customisation and re-adaption, was recently delivered […]

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O.C. Tanner and Virgin Pulse Launch New Wellbeing Solution

O.C. Tanner, the global leader in employee recognition and workplace culture, announces a strategic partnership with Virgin Pulse, the world’s leading provider of employee wellbeing and engagement technology solutions. The partnership will allow O.C. Tanner to offer its clients ‘Wellbeing’ – a new, integrated wellbeing solution powered by Virgin Pulse. This partnership brings the best […]

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Reading this book will help combat modern slavery!

Former football club Chair, actor and author Michael Bearcroft has announced an exciting new partnership with the charity HopeforJustice,whereby £1 from every sale of his re-released novel Dangerous Score(£9.99, New Generation Publishing) will go directly to helping combat modern slavery. Estimates suggest that over 21 million people are living in modern slavery today, with over 10,000 of those living […]

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Inside Inaugural #TweetForACause Pro Bono Initiative

Twitter, powered by Niche’s powerful global content creator network, and Cybersmile are partnering up to kick-off #TweetForACause, Twitter’s first-ever pro bono creator initiative. The inaugural campaign will drive awareness around Cybersmile’s mission to combat cyberbullying and online abuse. Twitter is launching its first #TweetForACause campaign tapping into the powerful voices of Niche’s global creator network, which […]