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Legs4Africa is always delighted to receive unused prosthetic legs

UK based artist, My Dog Sighs, has ben applying his unique concepts of using reclaimed objects and materials to an interesting medium. In collaboration with the Bristol based amputee charity, Legs4Africa, the artist from Hampshire has used a donated prosthetic leg as a canvas. The prosthetic leg, after internal customisation and re-adaption, was recently delivered […]

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Kilted Lobster of Edinburgh has won the 2018 Small Business Big Heart Award

Edinburgh’s Social Conscience Restaurant wins National Small Business Big Heart Award Kilted Lobster of Edinburgh has won the 2018 Small Business Big Heart Award in association with The ‘restaurant with a social conscience’ won against stiff competition from nine other regional finalists from all over the UK. Kilted Lobster received the Small Business Big […]

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The most popular steam shower in the UK is now only £899

“Showers have become the affordable luxury item for our modern world” says Andrew Ellis of “People who are fortunate enough to have larger bathrooms are now increasingly opting to devote space to separate baths and self-contained showers cabins, rather than just making do with over-bath showers and people with smaller bathrooms are increasingly opting […]

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New analysis suggests ‘Detroit effect’ could avoid post-Brexit disaster for the automotive industry

Uncertainty continues to linger around the potential impact of Brexit. After the Government’s admission that the long awaited parliamentary reports detailing how Brexit would affect key economic sectors didn’t actually exist, new reports looking at the Brexit impact have since showed various scenarios. These range from a free trade agreement to a single-market access or […]

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Meet the innovative startup which aims to ‘decentralize the cloud’

iExec is an innovative French startup which aims to ‘decentralize the cloud’, by creating a global cloud computing marketplace where anyone can rent out their processing power for profit. What does that mean? What are the challenges of this decentralization? ‘Decentralizing the cloud’ means to move power from the giant companies (Amazon, Google, and alike) […]

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Do you want to be a Data Scientist for the government ??

The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has 12 Data Scientist roles available across its Cyber and Information Systems (CIS) and Defence and Security Analysis (DSA) divisions. The roles involve working as part of multidisciplinary teams, applying innovative solutions to help Dstl answer complex data-led problems for the defence and security of the UK. Dstl […]