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Devoteam achieved a sharp increase in revenues

Devoteam (Euronext Paris: DVT) achieved a sharp increase in revenues and operating margin and ended the financial year 2017 above the annual objectives. Revenues grew nearly 13% over the year to €540.4 million with an operating margin of 10%. Despite a rapid growth in headcount its organic growth hit 10%. The Group’s share price has risen from €47 in September 2016 to a high of €87 in March 2018.

“Devoteam’s strong results for 2017 show the success of its digital transformation strategy.”

2017 showed significant success with our 3 strategic partners, announced in the company’s strategic plan ‘Scale! 2020’, enabling Devoteam to accelerate its ‘pure-player’ positioning on digital transformation, notably on IT operational excellence with ServiceNow, on collaborative solutions with Google, and on Cloud and DevOps Open Source technologies with Red Hat.

With ServiceNow, the Group enhanced its market position in 2017 by becoming a Gold Sales and Gold Services partner, thus becoming one of ServiceNow’s Top 10 partners worldwide and the ONLY one to have this rank in Europe. The past IT modernisation projects done by IT departments are now extending to other business operations and functions (such as human resources, facilities management, and client relationships) that are looking to simplify, optimise and automate their processes.

In March 2018, at ServiceNow’s Partner Summit in Barcelona Devoteam was presented with an award for the highest number of new logo clients achieved in 2017.

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