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Pet & Dog Social Media App Bauwow has joined forces with Petlog

Pet & Dog Social Media App Bauwow has joined forces with Petlog, the pet microchip database service, to present the new Lost & Found feature – ensuring you peace of mind if you lose track of your pet!

Bauwow, the social media app for dogs, has announced an exclusive partnership with dog microchip record provider Petlog, to allow dog owners to manage their pet microchips in one place.

It’s estimated that only 33% of dog owners aged 25-45 in the UK have microchipped their dog, and a further 12% admitted their details were not up-to-date with their microchip service – meaning pet owners are putting their dogs at risk, should they go missing or be stolen. In 2015/16, over 8,600 pets were reunited as a direct result of their microchip details being correctly registered with their chip database provider.

When a dog is found, vet surgeries and dog rescue centres can scan microchips to find vital information that should lead to the reunification of any missing dog – so it’s vital to keep these records up to date with the Petlog system.

Commenting on this new partnership, Bauwow founder and dog owner Peter Curtis explained “Pet loss can be a catastrophic and heart-wrenching experience. We all love our dogs like a family member, as evidenced by the dramatic growth and activity on Bauwow. In fact, we have over 20,000 members sharing content, their experiences with their special canine friends and more joining us every second of the day to experience this dog social world.”

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