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The most popular steam shower in the UK is now only £899

“Showers have become the affordable luxury item for our modern world” says Andrew Ellis of “People who are fortunate enough to have larger bathrooms are now increasingly opting to devote space to separate baths and self-contained showers cabins, rather than just making do with over-bath showers and people with smaller bathrooms are increasingly opting to replace baths with self-contained shower cabins in order to have more health-and-wellness benefits in a smaller space. People want and often need spa-like facilities in the convenience and privacy of their own home so that they can take care of their physical and mental health”.

From over-bath sprays to hydrotherapy jets

According to Andrew Ellis “You simply cannot compare the experience of using even the best over-bath showers with the experience of using a luxury shower in a self-contained shower cabin, even standard showers come nowhere remotely close and that’s even before you add all the extra functionality which comes with a self-contained shower cabin, those little extra touches which can make so much difference. Let’s take the Clearwater 1200 by Vidalux as an example. It’s our most popular model and we’ve now managed to make it available for just £899. That means it already compares very favourably with other options and that’s before you add in the cost of tiling behind a bath or standard shower. At just 1200 x 800 x 2200mm and available in left- and right-hand versions, it can slip into even small bathrooms and it offers an amazing amount of functionality for its size and price.”

Not just one shower but two

“Showering under the monsoon shower head is an amazing sensation” continues Andrew Ellis, “but the hand shower is also very useful for general quick cleaning, whether that’s people, pets or household items like muddy boots.”.

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