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The ViewSonic M1 Ultra-Portable Cinema LED projector delivers a convenient viewing experience

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of visual solution products, introduces the M1 short throw LED ultra-portable projector, winner of the iF Design Award 2018, one of the most renowned awards in the world of design. The ViewSonic M1 delivers vivid and immersive viewing performance for all entertainment types in a stylish, intuitive design.

“With the M1, ViewSonic is adding an excellent portable projector solution for users,” said Luke Chen, Business Line Manager for ViewSonic Europe. “We are seeing internet video traffic is growing more rapidly than all other consumer internet traffic. To give our customers access to a convenient big screen viewing experience anytime, anywhere, we are launching our new ultra-portable projector that enables you to share content, whether for work or play, on a high quality portable projector.”

Wrapped in a chic, open weave acoustic fabric, the M1 is sophisticatedly designed for a higher level of portable cinema. The integrated smart stand provides a straightforward setup and 360-degree rotation capabilities, making it easy to project onto any wall or ceiling and removing the need for height adjustment. The projector stand also doubles as a lens cover when not in use; when the lens is uncovered, the M1 automatically powers on with full brightness for instant use. ViewSonic has carefully considered user safety as well with the M1’s Eye Protection feature, which automatically turns off the projection beam when objects are detected too close to the lens.

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